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We are part of Rotary International and our motto is “service above self”. We are simply a group of men and women, usually but not exclusively with business connections, that support local, national and international charities by fund raising and offering practical help where appropriate.

Each club in Rotary has a particular style which is driven by the Rotarians in each club. Our club is particularly easy going and huge fun with a great social cohesion. Being a Rotarian is being part of a family. It’s a great place to socialise, have fun and give something back to the community.

Latest news

  • Fri, Jul 22 2016

    Just to say a huge thank you for the latest donation from the Rotary Club of £500.00.

    As you saw, our celebration event in Carers week on the 9th June was a big success and lots of fun. The entertainment (£290.00 of the £500 from Rotary) was brilliant and we had feedback on the day from parents and children saying what a great time they had. A couple of the parents called the office the following day, just to say thank you and what a joy it had been to see their child laughing and enjoying themselves so much.

    £108 of the donation has been used for 6 sessions of education (1 hr per week) for a Young Carer who has found it impossible to attend school in the last 2 terms due to ill mental health themselves following bullying at school (we have been working very closely with this young person and addressed the situation with school). They have now left that particular school and have been attending the educational sessions which will help fill in the gap before they start their new, secondary school.

    The remainder of the donation (£102) is paying for cookery sessions at the Ministry of Food in Rotherham. These will help teach the Young Carers basic cookery skills and simple recipes which they can cook at home. We are planning to put these recipes together into a booklet to pass to them and other young carers in the future.

    Please pass on our sincerest thanks for the continued support of the Rotary Club. As you can see your donations definitely make a difference, not just for now but for many Young Carers’ future.

    Kindest regards,


Where we meet

Why not join us at one of our meetings.

When : Thursdays at 6.30pm
Venue : Carlton Park Hotel, Moorgate Road, Rotherham

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