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Our Charities

The Framework for Giving is Rotherham Sitwell Rotary Club’s overall arrangement for giving funds to charities and good causes. The majority of its funds supports Local Charities.
a) Local Charities (Rotherham and the Sheffield City Region) – 60%
b) International Charities – 10%
c) General Funds (including emergencies and contingencies) – 30%

Local Charities

The Framework for Giving supports four Local Charities each year. The Club votes annually for a Local Charity which is then supported for three years: it then comes off the Local Charities list. Each new Rotary year, the incoming President chooses another Local Charity which is supported for one year.
In 2017-18, our four Local Charities are:
Start-A-Heart 24:7
Maples Cancer Care (Formerly Rotherham Cancer Care Centre)
People in Need Worldwide (PIN)
Breathe Easy Rotherham

Breathe Easy Rotherham

Breathe Easy is part of the British Lung Foundation which has been researching lung conditions for 30 years. Its aim is always to improve care and to prevent, treat and cure lung diseases.

People in Need Worldwide

People in Need Worldwide (PIN) may be a small charity but it has a great reputation for getting things done. 100% of all donations to PIN arrive safely at the intended projects. The volunteers receive no payment and fund their own expenses. Each year the founding members, Danny Thomson and Joe Walker, choose a project to work with. They raise the money with the help of Rotherham Sitwell Rotary Club and other people around them. They travel to the project, complete it and return knowing that the original plan was followed and the right people received the help they needed.

Start a Heart 24:7

Working in conjunction with local communities Start A Heart 24:7 is a charity dedicated to help provide 24:7 access to defibrillators in the Rotherham community, (and sometimes wider). Start A Heart 24:7 will support communities in their fund raising and provide additional funds from their own funds to help with the purchase of safe box required to give 24:7 access. Start A Heart 24:7 facilitates training through South Yorkshire Ambulance Service and advises on location and maintenance of the unit.

Maples Cancer Care (Formerly Rotherham Cancer Care Centre)

Rotherham Sitwell Club is proud to support Maples Cancer Care. The Charity provides free care and support to Rotherham people who have been diagnosed with cancer, and also provides the same support to their main carer. The Centre staff also provide complementary therapies and/or counselling but most of all they help people to cope and improve the quality of their life. The highly trained and experienced staff understand the effects of cancer on people’s lives and are used to working with people at all stages of illness.

International Charities

Rotherham Sitwell Rotary Club has a proud track record of supporting international charities and good causes. By far the biggest support has been given towards the eradication of Polio through the global campaign called End Polio Now. Since 1988 when the campaign began, Polio has reduced by 99.9%! It is now only in three countries and the hope is to fully eradicate this highly contagious disease through effective immunisation programmes.

The Fishtail Fund

The Fishtail Fund is so called because of the link Dronfield Rotary Club has with the Rotary Club of Pokhara in Nepal. Pokhara is a region which is dominated by the mountain, Machapuchre which in English means Fish Tail - the shape of the top of the mountain. The Fishtail Fund was first initiated by the Dronfield and Pokhara Rotary Clubs in 2010 since when it has supported the education of young Nepalese students.