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Club History

A relatively new club, with most members still in full-time employment. Thursday evening meetings are conducted at a gentle pace, lasting two to three hours including meal. A random seating arrangement is used, so that the majority do not know with whom they will be sitting. Introduced when the club was formed for the benefit of fellowship, we believe this is a characteristic of the club worth preserving, ensuring that cliques do not develop.

District officials often describe the club as being ‘irreverent’ something members would not dispute! However, most seem to enjoy visiting us. A casual visitor might be forgiven for believing that we are a dining club with fellowship as the primary objective. However, behind the fun and fellowship of meetings, the club has some extremely active service committees.

Our main efforts over the years have been in raising funds for local good causes and helping those less fortunate in other countries. Last year, for example, we raised £15000, of which about a third went overseas and the rest to Rotherham charities. On the local scene we have also had a number of successful hands-on projects, ranging from digging gardens for elderly people to decorating rooms at a women’s’ refuge.