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The Fishtail Fund

The Fishtail Fund helps children from poor Nepali homes to stay on at school.

Pokhara is a region in Nepal dominated by the mountain, Machapuchre, which in English means Fish Tail - the shape of the top of the mountain. The Fishtail Fund was first initiated in 2010 by the Rotary Clubs of Dronfield, in District 1220, and Pokhara in Nepal. Since then, it has supported the education of young Nepalese students. In 2017, Rotherham Sitwell donated £500 towards the education of one of the students - Dibas Subedi.

Dibas (sometimes written as “Diwas”) is 16 years old and currently in his last year of secondary education. He has ambitions to be a Civil Engineer and is doing very well in all of his subjects but particularly Mathematics, Science, English and Nepalese. His teachers say he is a hard worker despite some economic hardship.
As well as the financial support we gave, we have stayed in touch with Dibas to encourage him in his studies. You can read his latest letter to us below – his positive qualities really shine out and our donation is providing him with opportunities he might otherwise struggle to take.

The Rotary Club of Dronfield manages the Fishtail Fund with the Rotary Club of Pokhara. This includes monitoring the progress of all the students supported by the Fishtail Tail and meeting and encouraging the students.

For more information on the fund follow this link:

If you click on this link it will take you to a seven-minute video about the Fishtail Fund and the scholarship programme.

Letter from Dibas:
Thanks to Tom Knight, John Sparrow and Howard Hughes for their contribution to one of our letters to Dibas. In it they offered specific advice based on their careers in engineering and manufacturing. Also enclosed with the letter was a solar calculator.

We look forward to Dibas’s next letter to us.

NB Although neat handwriting and impressive English for a 16-year-old Nepalese boy, the letter might be difficult to read due to the way it has been scanned. A transcript has therefore been provided.

Dear Paul
We are already known to each other. I am fine here and praying with my god for your well being. I was so much glad to receive your first letter. I want to reply it very early but sorry for the late reply. I was busy in my study as is I am appearing SEE (School Education Examination), so I have to study hard for good result. This SEE is considered as iron gate in the country’s education in earlier days. I am so glad as you have asked about my interested field of engineering.
Sir, I am a kid for poor family. I am so grateful to you as you have provided fund for my education. I am a child with great dream. My aim is to be a successful civil engineer in life. I can’t afford to live in tall and big buildings but I am aiming to sketch those buildings. In our country it is a trend that father used to earn and mother used to live as housewife. My father has no more income to invest for my aim. His income is limited for hand-mouth connection in our family. Our family is economically backward for many generations but I don’t want to be so. There is a quote “It is not your mistake to be born poor but it is your great mistake to die poor”. I will labour hard in my education but the money is leading the world and my labour will be “water in sand” as I have a poor financial condition. I am so much hopeful for your support in my education.
Many structures and buildings in my country are destroyed due to great earthquake in 2015. Being a poor country, those infrastructures aren’t built till now. There is a great scope of civil engineering in my country as it is in the process of development. There are many villages in my country which are lacking transportation, electricity, drinking water, proper houses etc.
I know your country is so much developed and all the infrastructure are well developed in your country. When I saw scenes of the UK for the first time it was like a dream for me.
I want to be a renown engineer and earn a lot. After earning I will invest my money for those who are still thinking electricity, buses, clean drinking water, etc as a dream. Today’s people are lacking humanity but I want to be a social server as well but firstly I have to be the best engineer and earn a lot for helping those.
I have very much enjoyed reading your first letter and looking for another one. I am wishing for your help in coming days as well. I will never forget your kind help to me. I always will be grateful for your help. I think you will not be sad for my delayed reply and reply me soon.

Yours sincerely
Dibas Subedi
Bal Mardir Secondary School.