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Speaker Meeting 20th August 2020 - Steve Prosser of Rotherham Foodbank

Speaker Meeting 20th August 2020 - Steve Prosser of Rotherham Foodbank

Last week's meeting on 20th August was a speaker meeting and was given by Steve Prosser of Rotherham food bank. As has been widely reported both online, in the Rotherham Advertiser and Rotherham Community Life Magazine, Rotherham Sitwell Rotary Club has been supporting the Rotherham Foodbank during the covid-19 pandemic. Steve thanked the club for this support which had proved invaluable to Rotherham food bank.

Steve is passionate about his charity work and is even supported in his endeavours by his two daughters. Before moving to Rotherham food bank he worked for several years in South Africa helping to feed hungry children and families. He went on to talk about his current work in Rotherham and presented several slides showing the performance of Rotherham food bank in terms of people helped and stock levels throughout the year. Several slides are shown below and the key pieces of information were as follows:-

1. On the table of yearly statistics, PPV = People per Voucher and is the number of people helped during the year divided by the number of vouchers processed in that year. You will notice that 2020 is the second lowest ever in this regard, as more vouchers represent single people than has been the case in recent years. This has reduced the number of people helped a little compared to last year, though the voucher count remains high.

2. You will notice from the Stock Comparison chart that stock usually reduces by 1-2 tonnes per month from February through to October. This pattern was repeating itself again this year until Rotary stepped in to boost stocks. The blue line on this graph shows the huge spikes usually encountered in donations in December and the rapid drop off once you get into the new year. The smaller spikes tend to be as a result of ad-hoc summer collections organised with supermarkets when stock is getting so low that we were unlikely to get through the summer. The white line on this graph also shows a winter spike, albeit a much lower spike, but demand does not drop off as rapidly as donations during the course of the year.

3. The stock income chart just shows the methods by which donations arrive at the foodbank. "Individuals" refers to any giving that is not through either a collection or via a supermarket collection box.

It was very interesting talk and gave members a clearer insight into how and where their donations were helping the Rotherham community. There was a good attendance of members on Zoom to listen to Steve's talk and at the end Steve Burns gave the vote of thanks.