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Speaker Meeting (RYLA Students)

Speaker Meeting (RYLA Students)

At the Speaker Meeting on 19 September the speakers were three young people sponsored by our Club to attend the Rotary Leadership Residential Course in Buxton. The three young people were Libby Meadows, Lauren Hollingsworth-Smith and Mia Hollingsworth-Smith. The background to our sponsorship is as follows:-

Rotherham United Community Sports Trust is an organisation based at the New York Stadium which delivers programmes to the area of Rotherham. Using the power of football they promote positive healthy lifestyles through Education, Sport Participation, Health and Wellbeing and Inclusion. Within the Trust there is a team dedicated to the National Citizen Service or NCS as many people know it. NCS is a youth programme aimed at 15-17 year olds which is designed to be the stepping stone between Year 11 and the next steps in their lives. The four weeks programme is made up of two residential weeks and two weeks planning and carrying out a Social Action Project in the Community of Rotherham.

After the successful young people have Graduated they are provided with the opportunity to join the NCS Grad Scheme. Within that is what is known as the Local Youth Board. These three Graduates were chosen to be on the Local Youth Board because of their skills, passion and commitment to NCS and their local community.

Accompanying Libby, Lauren and Mia were Carole Foster who is the NCS Manager and Safeguarding Officer, and Carla Whitehead who is the NCS Graduates Scheme Coordinator at Rotherham United Community Sports Trust. The club funded these three young people to go out there and make memories whilst working on those all-important skills to become a good leader. The three participants were then invited back with their Supervisors to talk about their experiences.

The girls gave an excellent slide presentation of a standard way beyond their years. Working as a team they each spoke about their personal highlights from the course as well as some scary moments. They showed particular initiative when ordering in pizza for a secret evening feast when they had supposedly handed in their mobile phones!

On behalf of the Club Rotarian Paul Daniels thanked the girls for an excellent presentation and wished them well in the future.