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Supporting Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

Submitted by waudbypeter@ho… on 26 April 2022

Our most recent initiative is to provide support to refugees in Ukraine who have travelled to Warsaw in Poland.  Roger Green established contact with the English-speaking Warsaw Wilanow Rotary and set up links with their Rotaract members which have been developed through Immediate Past Present Trish Lister.  A JustGiving page ( has been set up to generate donations.  At the time of our last business meeting, £3370 had been raised (with approximately another £820 to follow from Gift Aid).  The first significant instalment has been transferred to Warsaw Wilanow Rotary for their Rotaract Club to support the Ukrainian women and children who have arrived in the city.

We have received the following update from Poland together with photos of the first refugees being welcomed.

We have finally started our big project today for helping refugees from Ukraine in Poland. We have been working on it for a few weeks already. We are hosting 41 people, 21 adults/mothers and 20 kids in the Evotel hostel that we have booked for up to a month. Thanks to the donations we collected so far by our sponsors and our founder Rotary Club, the Rotary Club Warsaw Wilanow International, we were able to provide this accommodation to people in need. We are still working on a food plan to be able to provide them also with food every day. We need your help! We are looking for sponsors, donors, anyone who can contribute and support our project in some way. Please reach out to us by direct message. If you support us we may even extend the duration of their stay and bring new people in their place once they find their long-term stays with our help. 

Our target is to provide long-term support to our guests by sharing our knowledge, researching skills and care are in order to help them settle down in Poland or move on further to other European countries. We will try to match them with long-term hosting options as quickly as possible. If you are someone who may offer any long term accommodation to mothers and kids then please contact us asap! 

We have sent some photos from the first day of our project when we picked up our guests from PTAK Warsaw Humanitarian Centre in the morning and took them to the hostel by bus sponsored by Stalko Autobusy. After a warm welcome food meal we helped them check in to their rooms. We will be there at the weekend to chat with them and assess their urgent needs. 

We are working hard to solve the food support for them for at least one month. Any amount of contribution will mean a lot. Please consider donating further to us. 

We will share more in the coming days."