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Our Charities

The Framework for Giving is Rotherham Sitwell Rotary's overall arrangement for giving funds to charities and good causes. The majority of its funds supports Local Charities.

a) Local Charities (Rotherham and the Sheffield City Region) – 60%
b) International Charities – 10%
c) General Funds (including emergencies and contingencies) – 30%

Start-A-Heart 24/7

Re-starting hearts 24 hours-a-day
Start-a-Heart 24:7 has helped 90 communities in Rotherham to acquire accessible defibrillators, predominantly in external safe cabinets. Although now working exclusively within the Borough there are 36 units further afield, often working in conjunction with Rotary Clubs in Mid-Yorkshire. The charity works tirelessly to raise the £1000 cost of each cabinet through fund raising events, bids, talks and sponsorship. We receive regular reports of defibrillators being used and it is particularly wonderful when we hear that a life has been saved. We are always keen to reassure people about the use of this life saving equipment through talks and visits to communities. We are very grateful to Rotherham Sitwell Rotary that Start-a-Heart 24:7 has been accepted as one of its Local Charities.

Friends of Newman School

Friends of Newman School aim to raise monies for the children and young people of Newman School, Rotherham. These will provide extracurricular activities and experiences for pupils who have a range of disabilities. The Rotary Club of Rotherham Sitwell has long supported Newman School through such activities as “Kids Out” where groups of children and young people are taken to the seaside for a day. More recently, we have supported “Kids In” where for a day the school is turned into a seaside resort! In 2017, our Club organised the creation of an Adventure Path which made the school grounds accessible for the children and young people of Newman School. In 2020 with the support of a Rotary Foundation District Grant, we funded the installation of multi-sensory equipment.

Rotherham Cancer Care Centre

Rotherham Sitwell Rotary is proud to support the Rotherham Cancer Care Centre. The Centre provides free care and support to Rotherham people who have been diagnosed with cancer, as well as support to their main carers. The Centre staff also provide complementary therapies and/or counselling but most of all they help people to cope and improve the quality of their life. The highly trained and experienced staff understand the effects of cancer on people’s lives and are used to working with people at all stages of illness.

Rotherham United Community Sports Trust

Rotherham United Community Sports Trust (RUCST)  is the charitable arm of Rotherham United.  It works across the borough delivering many topics and initiatives in communities.  It particularly focusses on Education, Sport Participation, Health & Wellbeing, Inclusion and Empowering young people to play an active part in their local community. Rotherham Sitwell Rotary has been proud to have supported three young people involved with the RUCST to attend a Leadership Programme organised by Rotary District 1220.





International Charities

Rotherham Sitwell Rotary has a proud track record of supporting international charities and good causes. By far the biggest support has been given towards the eradication of Polio through the global campaign called End Polio Now. Since 1988 when the campaign began, Polio has reduced by 99.9%! It is now only in two countries and the hope is to fully eradicate this highly contagious disease through effective immunisation programmes.

As a Club, we have also supported charities such as:
ShelterBox (
Water Aid (
Trade Aid (
Global Sight Solutions (