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Start-a-Heart 24/7

Re-starting hearts 24 hours-a-day
Start-a-Heart 24:7 has helped 90 communities in Rotherham to acquire accessible defibrillators, predominantly in external safe cabinets. Although now working exclusively within the Borough there are 36 units further afield, often working in conjunction with Rotary Clubs in Mid-Yorkshire. The charity works tirelessly to raise the £1000 cost of each cabinet through fund raising events, bids, talks and sponsorship.
We receive regular reports of defibrillators being used and it is particularly wonderful when we hear that a life has been saved. We are always keen to reassure people about the use of this life saving equipment through talks and visits to communities.
We are very grateful to Rotherham Sitwell Rotary that Start-a-Heart 24:7 has been accepted as the President’s Charity for Year 2020-21.