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Sitwell Rotary

Goodbye Rotarian Dr Sam Muthusamy

Submitted by Anonymous on 7 April 2017

At our Club meeting on 30th March, we said goodbye to Sam who was retiring the next day from Rotherham DGH. He and Geetha are returning to live in India mid April having sold their home in Wickersley.

I consider that the town of Rotherham owes Sam a great debt of gratitude. Before he took up his post as consultant cardiologist in 1996, anyone requiring that specialism had to be referred to Northern General in Sheffield. Over the next twenty years, Sam applied pressure to successive chief executives to fund the installation of facilities together with the appointment of specialist staff to provide us with a first class service. The legacy that Sam leaves is a dedicated cardiology department that any district hospital of the size of Rotherham could be justly proud.

One example of Sam’s forward thinking is that all patients fitted with pacemakers are provided with a monitoring system that downloads data from their device which is relayed data back to the hospital every night using the mobile phone network as they are sleeping. Any malfunction of patient or pacemaker triggers an alert resulting in the patient being contacted. Rotherham has the highest proportion of such devices supplied to pacemaker patients of any hospital in the country.

John Sparrow