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Foodbank Collection - Thank You Morrisons

Foodbank Collection - Thank You Morrisons

The latest collection of food for Rotherham Foodbank was made this week from Morrisons at Parkgate. This is what Rotarian Trish Lister had to say about the visit.

The visit to Morrisons was a revelation, the furthest I’d ventured into the real world. Apart from the 6 o’clock News I had never seen people social distancing in queues or the one way barriers. Impressive but at the same time bringing home the stark reality of the situation. All 3 Clubs (Rotherham Sitwell, Rotherham and Rotherham Round Table) were represented and everyone was very friendly whilst at the same time observing the rules of social distancing.
Morrisons’ Foodbank Champion Jenny said they had given us approximately £1500 worth of food for the £998 or so that we spent. We had the opportunity to see the back room work that supports their other charitable projects with bags and boxes of food made up to suit varying needs ie couples, the elderly and families with children. They had also been into areas of the Borough distributing Children’s books and fruit. I’m sure she would make a very interesting speaker together with Steve Prosser from Rotherham Foodbank at one of our future meetings.