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Further Update on the Club's Activities

It's been 20 weeks now since we last met at the Carlton Park Hotel and for almost every week we have held a

August Newsletter

More Clothes and Food for Rotherham Foodbank

Another week of deliveries of food and clothing to Rotherham Foodbank.

July Newsletter

Clothing for Rotherham Foodbank

Message from President Trish.

Community Support for Rotherham Hospital during the Coronavirus Crisis

Pushpa Venkatraman and a group of ladies who live on the Duke of Norfolk Estate have been supporting Rother

International Scoliosis Day - 27th June

Friday 27th June is International Scoliosis Day.

Handover Meeting 25th June 2020

Our Handover meeting took place on Thursday 25th June when Trish Lister was installed as our new President

Foodbank Collection - Thank You Morrisons

The latest collection of food for Rotherham Foodbank was made this week from Morrisons at Parkgate.

£1,040 worth of food delivered to Hope Street food bank

Rotarian Steve Burns with the food donation.

Foodbank Donations

To mark Rotary Day on 23rd February members donated 253 non-perishable food items to Rotherham Foodbank.

Feeling the cold?

As the photos show, Kamal and Peter found it a bit chilly at the meeting last week!

Christmas Party

On January 30th we held our traditional late “Christmas Party” (late because December is such a hectic time

Charter Night 2019

Our 31st Charter Dinner was held at the Kenwood Hall Hotel on Saturday 19th October 2019.

Merry Christmas from a cold land faraway called Asdaland

To all our members from President Gurnam Basran

Ladies Night

It was very much "Ladies Night" at our Club Meeting on 21 November when President Gurnam inducted two new l

Flanderwell School Gardening Party

A group of Rotarians have formed a working party at Flanderwell Primary School.

Get Well Soon Chris

Our Welfare Officer Trevor Johnson recently reported on the current condition of our much loved member Chri